This is me 👉 Brenda

I am a product designer who believes in constant learning and growing.

My passion for problem-solving and crafting impactful experiences leads me to pursue design to simplify complex problems and help everyone's life easier. 

My Story

Never Stop Learning

Before stepping into the design world, I graduated from University of Waterloo with a bachelor degree in Mathematics, which helped me build strong logic 🧠

Later on, since my jobs were accounting-oriented, I decided to improve my skills with a post-degree diploma in accounting. With that, I formated a detail-oriented habit 👀

However, deeply I know that accounting and math is not my passion. I have to find something that I want 🤔

With the downside of my personality being shy and afraid of communication, I encouraged myself to join the hospitality industry to do customer service.

I discovered my empathy by helping customers, which also got me promoted to store manager for three months. 💪🏻 

Despite that service side, I pivoted some minor changes as the manager and helped the store function more efficiently.

I saw how a few changes could make a difference, and I want to apply this to more places and help more people, where I finally found my passion, and this time I know what I truly want.

Outside of Design

When I am not crafting, I like to explore delicious food 😋 through my city.


Every dish is an art 🎨. Chefs are also designers.


Design is everywhere.

Everywhere needs a designer to help make our world better 🌈